During his four years on our city council, James reaffirmed the trust voters placed in him. I have no doubt he will continue to be a true servant leader for the citizens of Jersey Village. 

Bobby Warren – Jersey Village Mayor


“He is a tireless public servant, and knows the ins and outs of the system we follow to get things done.”

Andrew Mitcham, Former JV Mayor and Owner at Senate Avenue Brewing Company


“James is a great young breath of fresh air in Jersey Village and he will work tirelessly to serve all the citizen of Jersey Village. We need young active people like James to help direct the City of Jersey Village into the future growth and development.”

Rick Faircloth, former Jersey Village City Councilman


“James is experienced and works well with our City Council members. He has been very active in solving our Village challenges. By far, the better man to fill City Council position number 4.”

Curtis Haverty, former Jersey Village City Councilman

James is the right choice to help lead Jersey Village going forward. He loves this community and wants the very best for his family, friends and neighbors. I have known James to be a caring, thoughtful and precise problem-solver. I have seen him jump into action to help out friends and neighbors during many natural disasters that have it our community. I have witnessed his passion for making Jersey Village even better than it already is. He is a tireless public servant who consistently puts the needs of the many above his own. He has great ideas for improving our community and I have no doubt he will work extremely hard to bring out the best in Jersey Village.

Ty Camp, TIRZ and Planning and Zoning Committee Member

James Singleton has earned my vote for the next City Councilman, with his 16-year background of serving the public as a Peace Officer, Fireman and of course a Husband and Father.

Joe Danna

James Singleton is a capable, knowledgeable, and hardworking community servant. In a volunteer role for The Woodlands homeschool convention and other area projects, James has demonstrated he can see what needs to be done and he knows how to do it. He has been strategic and wise with money. He has lead others in accomplishing important projects.

Stephanie Lambert

  • Greg Holden, Jersey Village Councilman
  • Sheri Sheppard, Jersey Village Councilwoman
  • Rod Erskine, Former Jersey Village City Councilman and Mayor
  • Wayne Huebner, Jersey Village Resident
  • Brian Prather, Jersey Village Resident
  • Katie Moore, Jersey Village Resident
  • Dave McGuinn, Jersey Village Resident
  • Andrea Grimm, Jersey Village Resident
  • Dawn Eubanks, Jersey Village Resident